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Deb Field - Health Coach -

I have a passion deep in my heart to maintain a healthy body as it carries my heart and soul out into the world. Over the last 25 years I have researched, tried, tested and played with everything to do with health imaginable. What I have come to realise is we are a direct reflection of what we feed ourselves - both physically and emotionally.

Our health, therefore, is a combination of both. So when I work with clients on their health, it makes sense that we also delve into the emotional world to ensure the journey back to great health is a life long choice. We are worth it.

I have also come to realise how simple good health is to attain. Simple, yet not easy! This is because of all the hidden crap in food, our subtle addictions and our relationship with food and health.

My health coaching is about education, self-awareness, simplification and sustainability.

Sessions and Costs

Sessions: Phone/Skype coaching sessions.
Cost: $150 per 1 hour / $80 per 30 minute session
Frequency: Initially we would meet fortnightly, moving to monthly as applicable.
Structure: Sessions are structured individually to meet client needs.
Commitment: Clients are required to complete an agreement prior to commencing. As your coach, I will provide terms and conditions which include my commitment to you.
What you get: As a client you will learn what governs your food choices, what will support a healthy body, what simple changes can be made to improve health immediately, and recieve coaching to develop a new mindset and brilliant results.

Disclaimer: Deb Field is not a doctor, a physician, or an accredited medically based, diet related professionsl. Deb Field is a coach who lives a healthy life, who understands the use of food to support self empowered healing, who does not use or support drugs or chemical processing due to it's detrimental health effect. She has coached many people from significant health issues back to full health. She understands the relationship between the emotions and health, and coaches people back to a funtional relationship to their health and bodies.


I have had such a long history of dieting, weight issues and a fairly low self esteem. Working with Deb was like a breath of fresh air. It was not about what to eat, it was not about diets. Deb introduced me to a whole new way of seeing myself, my health and life. Her ability to cut straight to the real issues is astounding. Her intuition, compassion and knowledge brought such light to my often dark world. I am so grateful to call her my coach. JT Corporate Professional.

Deb is great person to have on your team. She is funny, interesting and full of wisdom outside the commercial world of health. Donít miss the opportunity to bring her refreshing views on food and health into your life. LA Mother and teacher.


Deb is the author of many articles relating to health, food, fasting and a healthy state of mind. Visit and enjoy her blog at and Facebook - Nude Food daily comments.



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