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We all have stories... stories that define our lives, give meaning and purpose to the choices we make. The most expanding creative experiences I've had are about sharing stories in ways that offer transformation to others. These are also the most difficult to write. It often feels like the writing process is the loneliest road to travel...

For more than 4 decades I have been working with all kinds of writers, helping them develop the heart and foundation for their stories, empowering them beyond genre or journal.

I am a professional writer, creating and selling original projects to film studios and independednt production companies. I have been a development executive/scipt consultant in Hollywood, and a mentor/teacher/coach to emerging writers in all kinds of settings. And for 15 of the last 20 years, I have developed programs for career enhancement for professional writers as the chair of the New Members Committee at the Writers Guild of America in Los Angeles.

Whatever your medium, novel, screenplay, stageplay, short story, etc., my passion is to creatively raise you to your highest purpose as a writer, to focus the foundation of your story, and to facilitate your process to maintain that focus to completion.

The most powerful stories become experiences. Let me help you create an experience. Don't just tell your story, transform your audience.

Here are the services available to you:

Story Vision & Theme

You have an IDEA… before you begin writing, the most powerful practice to bring creative cohesion to your writing is to build the true VISION & THEME that will guide every creative choice in your story. I will take you through that process, leaving you with a clear vision, theme and high-level outline.

Writing Coaching

Once you have your foundational vision, theme and high-level outline, I’ll help you hold focus and explore choices as you tell your story. You do the writing. I’ll be your coach. Usually these sessions will be weekly but we can create a custom schedule to accommodate your process.

Story Analysis

Professional story analysis is the secret weapon of every successful writer. You KNOW your story… the question is, have you delivered it. Once you’ve completed a first draft of a project (screenplay, book. etc.), having a professional analyst read your material can help you fine tune the manuscript, ensuring your vision, theme and story are aligned. I will read your material and give you written and verbal analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. Usually involves a single reading of your material and a one-hour meeting for my feedback.


If you're working on a story that will ulitmately be performed, there's no substitute for hearing it read aloud by actors. We can produce a reading for you and facilitate the feedback. Call me so we can determine the scope and costs involved.

Writer For Hire

When I'm not coaching, I'm a professional storyteller: script/draft doctoring/consulting, polishing, rewriting or starting from scratch... Need a writer? Call me.


Vision & Theme $250 per 1 hour session
Writing Coaching $200 per 1 hour session
Story Analysis $500 and up, depending on type and length of material, determined in advance.
Readings POA
Writer for Hire POA

Most of my sessions with individuals are over Skype or phone, at your discretion and packages are available.  

I hope we get a chance to work together.


Jerry L. Jackson - Writing Coach -

Please DO NOT submit writing samples, story outlines, treatments, manuscripts, screenplays, or scripts. Contact us first regarding your project/goals and we'll set up a custom coaching approach that'll serve you.



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