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"I met Deb Field at a training course for creating the life you want through heart and soul. She immediately inspired me with her zest, energy and wisdom. At my lowest point Deb held me accountable to my pain and my past childhood experiences and coached me through it to the place where I found my own heart, soul and inner flow. Deb generously assisted my transition into finding my own cave of inner diamonds whereby flowing and shining my innate purpose is now revealed and complete. I love her to bits and her radiance shines through. I cannot recommend her highly enough and anyone embarking on a journey with Deb will have their lives totally transformed in ways they never believed possible."
JG, Sydney

"We were in a creative dead-end on a pivotal story point for a major movie. Three Academy Awards in the room, all stumped. Jerry saw an elegant and simple solution that not only solved our story dilemma but deepened the character arc for the lead character. He's welcome in any story meeting I have... "
AS, Los Angeles

"I've never met anyone with Deb's intuitive skills, courageous compassion and commitment to growth for her clients. She will not hand you answers. Her gift is to help you make choices that are true for you: deconstructing belief systems, identifying patterns that have prevented you from achieving your heart's purpose and inspiring your own life changing journey."
JJ, Los Angeles

"I've worked with Jerry on multiple projects I have in development. He consistently brings obvious improvements to the development process that weren't obvious to anyone until he articulated them. Gold!"
JV, Los Angeles

"I have worked with Debs on company/business and personal development issues and always to my great and lasting benefit. There is no one who forgets Deb once they have met her. She has a set of skills in her coaching that cuts through to what is important and she delivers the most valuable and life changing insights and action plans. I think the most remarkable thing about her is been her ability to see what is going on in my mind and to help me see what is really happening as a result. Iíve never been able to hide anything from her as she doesnít get wrapped up in hype or assumptions. Debs brings a no nonsense clarity that has saved me literally years of working it out on my own. No matter what part of my life I am working on, Debs gets to what is most important fast and the results have always been beyond my expectations."
GT, Sydney

"Been an actor for most of my adult life but never worked in soaps. When I got the call for a single guest spot on a daytime drama, I was terrified. Called Jerry and he coached me so thoroughly, the producers extended my part for several weeks. The rest of the cast would gather in my dressing room for rehearsals with him. Life-changing."
EH, Los Angeles



CREATIVE COACHING Deb Field & Jerry L. Jackson

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